Celebrating Christmas in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore

Everyone has always been waiting for December to get Christmas and New Year's holiday. Christmas and New Year are celebrated all over the world and become the most enjoyable holidays of the year.

However, every country has different Christmas and New Year celebrations. Each country has its unique way. For example, countries in Europe will snow at Christmas, so residents will make snowmen. So what about in SIngapore? Can you make a snowman? Of course not. So how do Singaporeans celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in Singapore is a big celebration for Christians, so they do whatever they like, such as shopping and eating as well as attending Christmas services to commemorate the birthday Jesus Christ.

In Singapore, long before Christmas, shopping centers, streets, and houses of people celebrating Christmas were decorated with Christmas ornament such as Christmast trees. Hotels are also not left behind. You can book a hotel room with the best Christmas decorations in Singapore. So don't be surprised if Christmas in Singapore is very festive.

Want to celebrate Christmas during Singapore Holiday? Here are some of the happening places to celebrate Christmas in the land of Crazy Rich Asians.

1. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the busiest places for Christmas. You will see lots of Christmas decorations as wll as a large Christmas tree on Orchard Road. You will be treated to a spectacular  view of firework. There are often Christmas concerts here too. You can have fun and countdown with other people. Not only at Christmas, but also during the new year on this street.

2. Christmas Wonderland, Garden by the Bay

Who doesn't know the news about the festive Christmas-themed night market at garden by the Bay? This celebration was held many years ago. The Christmas celebration at Garden by the Bay is eagerly awaited because you can witness Luminarie's artwork, which is a giant decoration with colorful lights. Or course, the atmosphere is getting more festive.

3. Christmas in Universal Studio Singapore

During Christmas, many rides are decorated with Christmas decorations and the merrier is by watching shows with a Christmas theme. You will also find other amazing attractions such as Santa's house, theater, musicals, and enjoy Christmas snacks.

You can take pictures with a large Christmas tree with a height of 15 to 20 meters decorated with small lights. You can also enjoy snow attractions that add to the complete you holiday.

4. Marina Bay Countdown

On Christmas Eve, fireworks will decorate the Singapore sky. Everywhere was full of joy. Marina Bay Sands is no exception. Marina Bay Singapore Countdown is one of the places with the biggest Christmas celebrations in Singapore. Many foreign tourists come from all over the world to witness the spectacular Marina Bay Countdown celebration.

5. Flower Dome, Garden by the Bay

You can buy tickets and celebrate Christmas af Flower Dome, garden by Bay Singapore. You will see a festival of flowers that bloom at Christmas as well as a very interesting replica of the Christmas village.

You can use Singapore Rediscover Vouchers to buy Christmas celebration tickets here because the digital will be expired on December 31, 2021. This voucher is valid for Singaporean residents aged 18 years and above. Children under 18 years of age will receive a subsidy of SGD per child for admission.

How merry is the Christmas holiday in Singapore, isn't it?

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